The Playroom

This is my playroom, all my toys live here. It’s my most favourite place in the world. Come I’ll show you around. All my baby toys stay in this closet. See there’s Pooh and Mini, and one-eyed Annie; she can’t see properly because the dog ate her eye, but I still love her. All my new toys are in the trunk, there, except for Barbie, and Barbie’s house. They stay on the top of my red shelf, with my puzzles. I also have story books, paints and colouring books. I keep them in the secret shelf behind the blackboard. Every time I do a nice painting Ma and Daddy frame it and put it up on the walls. And this here is my best friend, Teddy. He stays with me in my room, but I bring him here sometmes. He likes it here. He can’t hear any of the screaming and shouting in here. It makes him happy.


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